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Our History

The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation, Inc. is a private grant-making Foundation established in 1984 by philanthropist, entrepreneur and business executive, M. Lee Pearce M.D., J.D. (December 22, 1930-October 12, 2017) (obituary). For over 30 years, Dr. Pearce personally managed his Foundation – making donations to over 52 different organizations around the world. With his passing, Dr. Pearce left the bulk of his assets from his very successful businesses to his Foundation, and the management transitioned to the current Board of Directors, most of whom were personally selected by Dr. Pearce. In honor of Dr. Pearce’s life-long interest in medicine and passion for classical music and grand opera, his philanthropic legacy continues with the Foundation focusing on…

  1. Medical Research -- Providing support for medical breakthroughs and accomplishments that improve the quality of human life as opposed to mere increases in longevity; and providing support for translational therapeutic work in improving medical care with an emphasis on short- and long-term memory loss. Learn More »

  2. Music -- Providing encouragement and support for the performance and understanding of classical music, romantic music and 19th and early 20th century Russian music and providing encouragement and support for the understanding of grand opera. Learn More »

The Foundation has continued to work closely with Harvard, Mayo Clinic, The Metropolitan Opera, University of Miami, Washington National Opera and other organizations that Dr. Pearce supported throughout his life. Click HERE to see a summary of our recent grants.

"Perhaps one of my greatest interests late in life is attempting to promote world peace through classical music by uniting diverse musicians from all over the world."
June 30, 2016

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